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Products and Services

Always keeping you and your needs at the center of the plan

Our independence allows us to offer a vast menu of products.  We have no quotas or proprietary incentives to promote any one solution.  Your plan is unique because we leverage the research and expertise of our specialist network to provide the most suitable answers to your concerns. 

Before considering any other part of the wealth management process, we address the methods used to grow your assets.  We design a custom portfolio for your specific needs, including your investment risk comfort level, goals, and timelines.  Based on this assessment, we recommend an appropriate asset mix including stocks, bonds, cash and other alternative investments.  Our unique income distribution strategies position your assets to last throughout retirement, supporting what truly matters most to you.  


We also aid in the tax-efficient transfer of assets to future generations by connecting you with legal resources to carry out your legacy and wishes beyond your lifetime. 

Products & Services:  Wealth Accumulation, Protection, & Distribution

Retirement Plans


Traditional IRAs
Solo 401(k)s
Self - Directed IRAs
Simple, SEP, & Roth IRAs
401(k), 403(b), & 457 Plans
Profit Sharing Plans
Money Purchase Plans
Non-Qualified Plans
Pension Plans
Securities-Backed Line of Credit
Financial Planning

Retirement Planning


Estate Plans


Wealth Distribution Plans


Wealth Accumulation Plans


Wealth Protection Plans

Wealth Transfer Plans


Spending Habit Analysis

Insurance Needs


Stock Option Analysis

Traditional Investments
Stocks & Bonds
Mutual Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Alternative Investments
REITs and BDCs
Oil/Gas Partnerships
Hedge Funds
Private Equity Offerings
Secured Notes
Specialty Portfolios
Insurance Solutions

Fixed & Variable Annuities
Disability Income
Personal Life Insurance
Supplemental Benefits
Key Man & Buy-Sell Plans
Long Term Care
Medicare & Supplements
Healthcare Insurance
* Auto / Home / Property Insurance offered through
LMG Insurance Services, Inc.
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