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JCF Stock Options Planner:  Ongoing Communication, Reporting, and Modeling

We can help you understand the five critical things you need to know about your Employee Stock Options:

1.  Your Insight Ratio - a metric that helps you understand the optimal time to exercise your options

2.  Your Forfeit Value - the compensation value lost if you leave your company early

3.  The stock price at which your financial goal is reached

4.  Your concentration of company stock and options relative to your entire investment portfolio

5.  The estimated tax effects of exercising options or when restricted shares vest


Stay Current Through:

Email alerts and personal follow-up on key vesting and expiration dates

Risk management and exercise planning for diversifying sold options

Modeling tax impact and stock price volatility on the value of held options



No Fee                        Planning & modeling for clients utilizing our full financial planning service 

$300 (One-Time)       Report only

$500 (Annually)        Initial report and email alerts on important pending dates

$1,000 (Annually)     Initial report, email alerts, & continued modeling

Sample StockOpter Report
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