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Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning Process

We utilize eMoney Advisor financial analysis software to deliver a customized actionable plan to clients who opt for this service.  We help you discover your retirement number and retirement income range.  Reports include cash flow analysis, college planning needs, risk management, estate planning analysis, and many more.  The best part of the eMoney is its functionality.  We can instantly change variables to explore your “what ifs.”

We are committed to providing exceptional value for your money.  Our comprehensive financial plan is a one-time fee (not annual like many other firms) that offsets the time we devote to entering your data, discussing your goals, and holding ongoing reviews for the duration of your relationship with us.  You can request unlimited review meetings (we suggest at least one per year) and service without fear that we'll send you another bill for financial plan updates.  The planning fee varies from $500 - $1500, depending on the complexity of your situation and your assets under management.  In select situations, we will waive the fee entirely.  

Documents Used to Create Your Plan

□   Paystubs 

□   Employee Benefit Statements

□   Employee Retirement Plan Statement and/or Plan Document

□   Stock Options Plan Info & Vesting Schedule

□   Most Recent Social Security Statement (

□   Medicare Statement

□   Two most recent Tax Returns (State and Federal)

□   Wills, POAs, Advance Directives, and Trust Agreements

□   Brokerage and Bank Account Statements

□   Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance Statements

□   Annuity Statements

□   Educational Savings, 529 Plan, and UTMA/UGMA Statements

□   Homeowners / Auto / Umbrella Insurance Declarations Pages

□   Business Valuations

□   Credit Card Statements

□   Mortgage and Other Debt Statements

You can deliver materials to us by walk-in, fax, eMoney vault upload, or secure email 

Feel free to include any other documents which you feel are important to your financial security.

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